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When projects are finished, clients are kind enough to share feedback on the working relationship.
Here’s a sample of appreciated remarks.

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I have been honored to work with the big boys and girls, unfortunately due to the confidential nature of the projects I can’t showcase them all in public.

“Janne the man. You can see from his portfolio that he’s talented but what’s even better is that he’s truly a professional and fun to work with. Janne has a great attention to detail and one of the few designers that gets the “whole picture”.

Give this nomad a try, he’ll elevate your work!”

– Jared Chelf, Coulee Creative

“Janne is an excellent robot which I have had the pleasure of working with on several projects, both professional and corporate in nature. He delivers simple, intuitive and sleek designs that impress the most discerning eyes in the modern world.

My only complaint? I was unable to purchase Red Bull locally and was informed that it was due to Janne’s consumption causing a global shortage.”

– Gideon Kimbrell, InList

“Janne is extremely creative and has a special talent in creating responsive web designs. He has a professional and positive attitude towards his tasks and colleagues.

Janne showed initiative and creative skills as well as had an eye for details in the tasks he was given. He fitted well into the organization and was a valuable member of the team.”

– Camilla Lindeberg, Miltton Ab

“In the past years we have worked with Janne already in several web projects and he is still able to turn our sometimes messy briefs into fresh and functional layouts.

He can surely design great looking web layouts but also respects the client’s needs and knows how to add real value to the business life. Janne is an innovative designer and very easy to work with.”

– Aapo-Lassi Kankaala, Optinet

“He is a very committed professional with notable passion for his work, his competency in delivering the best design solution for our project was critical to its success. He is also very innovative, he helped to leverage the user experience to higher levels while meeting our initial needs.”

– Dimitri Caetano, World Vision

“Janne has been a truly dedicated partner and a source of inspiration for our project. He has maintained excellent quality even in a very fast-paced work. An extra plus for his knowledge on technological opportunities and skills to implement.”

– Ilkka Koivisto, World Vision

“Janne came highly referred to my company – and his work continues to exceed even our high expectations. If you’re looking for a highly professional and forward thinking design resource, then you’ve come to the right place.

With unique touches and purposeful presentation, Janne is someone we will continue to leverage for assistance.”

– Jeff Harper, eProximiti

“We worked with Janne on designing several websites with the goals of empowering local business in developing countries such as Adventure Nepal Treks. He did a fantastic job and captured the organizations identity perfectly.

His work allowed us to convey our vision in a stylish, elegant and modern way which was critical for us empowering young entrepreneurs for the betterment of indigenous communities.”

– Sara Ahmadian, Seamless Planet

“Janne is a highly skilled designer. Our history includes only couple of projects, but I’m sure we ain’t done! It has been nice to work with somebody, who can figure things out by himself and can make the right decisions for the best outcome.”

– Mikko Nyrhinen, Suomen Mediatoimisto

“Janne has caught our needs instantly and turned our requests to amazing layouts with fresh and modern looks. One of the best web designers I have seen.”

– Mikko Rajala, Allright Europe

“We have done several projects with Janne, and everyone of them is close to perfectionism. He is amazingly talented to create visual identities of the ideas what we have on our minds. We just tell him what we would like to do and in no time, the project already has an identity – incredible skills!

Janne surprises us everytime, and it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Everytime we are excited to see what he comes up with next. And his color combinations, amazing. If you want to stand out from the masses, I can warmly recommend Janne.”

– Jouni Suokas

“I first hired Janne to help me turn a unique and undeveloped concept into a website in 2010. He was professional, patient and thorough, and the end result was far better than anything I could have expected.

I now use Janne anytime I need a high quality design, no matter how big or small.”

– Mike Miner