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I’ve specialized in the creation of responsive websites and visual identities for clients across the world. The work I create helps my clients move closer to their goals. The aim is to boost client profits through improved attraction and retention of ideal customer bases.

Stunning Interfaces for Every Device

responsive web design

Let’s face it. The number of web-accessible devices is a wonder of our information age. It is also a daunting canvas for designers. Mobile phones, tablets, desktops, TVs, cars, fridges — the world has changed from wired devices to the wireless ones. Mobile is the new black and you need to react to it.
A website that communicates your message is important, but ensuring a great user interface for every device is the #1 priority for me. I specialize in embracing the Web’s ubiquity with user-friendly interfaces – which will deliver your message loud and clear to your desired target group.

“Janne is extremely creative and has a special
talent in creating responsive web designs.”

– Camilla Lindeberg, Director and Partner @ Miltton

The Art of  Visualizing Your Identity

visual identity

Your brand is the heart of everything your company stands for.
A brand refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response to a company, its products and services. A brand is much more than just a pretty logo kerned in Helvetica Bold
– it’s your company’s engine.
Even if it’s about your product or your company, a brand’s visual identity has graphic elements, which – used coherently – will make the desired first impression to your target group.
I work with you and your brand to create a cohesive and consistent identity that is memorable and timeless.

“Janne did a fantastic job and captured the organizations
identity perfectly. His work allowed us to convey our vision
in a stylish, elegant and modern way.”

– Andrew Swerdlow, CEO @ Seamless Planet.